Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week 34 Day 6

I should just post this under Week 35 since I'm only a day away but that feels like cheating.

Everything is going good. Another emergency trip to L & D earlier in the week when my contractions were strong and only 3 minutes apart...yikes! But luckily there was no cervical change so baby is still snug as a bug.

The DR. also informed us that there is a chance the baby will be born as early as week 37 b/c of all the contractions i've been getting. I've definitely reached the point of being uncomfortable pretty much 24/7. It's very hard to get up from the sofa or bed and walking is now more of a waddle.

Looking forward to meeting this little guy. Only about a month left if I go 'til my due date.


  1. even posts about uncomfortable pregnancies make me think back fondly of being pregnant! best of luck to you! you are the most darling pregnant mama!

  2. Phew!! I'm glad you're doing okay!! Only a few more weeks until you're full term!! I know what you mean about being uncomfortable! Sleep...what is that?! I miss being able to sleep comfortably! I can't wait to sleep on my stomach!