Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cravings: sorry pregnant ladies

Now in my 18th week I have cravings that make me think this is what a heroin addict must feel like. If I want such and such....I literally can't sleep until I get it. 

Here are a few from this week

fruitcake....the store bought 10 lb beast

this EXACT meal  (there aren't any chik fil a's here....sigh.)

broiled brussel sprouts. At least this is a healthy craving

pancakes with LOTS of butter ...don't judge me.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What they don't tell you Wednesdays

A list of things people don't tell you about being pregnant

1) Hair....they tell you your nails and hair will grow fast, strong and shiny because of the prenatal vitamins...
What they DON'T mention is this goes for all hair....legs, underarm....and many places hair shouldn't be but now is.

2) I can feel my organs.
When I get in and out of bed I have to use my tummy muscles, which in turn crunch me up. Last night I noticed I can feel exactly where my uterus and actual stomach are. Upon this newfound knowledge I laid in bed unable to sleep and had strange dreams regarding my organs revolting against me.

3) Unsolicited advice: Sure you know it's coming...but you have no idea how furious it will make you. So tired of hearing "you think your big now just wait". REALLY?!!? Please let me never be one of those people after all this is done.

4) The need to talk to other pregnant people: When I see anyone who is pregnant I feel an urge to nod or chat or maybe even breakdance.  What up with that?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

17 weeks and 5 days

How far along?  17 weeks, 5 days
Total weight gain/loss?  about 5 lbs so far.
Maternity clothes?  Yes, pants at least. I can still fit in most of my longer stretchy shirts.
Stretch marks? None
Sleep?  some, when I'm not getting up to pee or let the dog out.
Best moment last week? Thinking i'm feeling the baby kick =)
Movement?  not sure, but maybe.
Food cravings?  donuts, candy, salty chocolate chip cookies, brussel sprouts, tomatos and pretty much ALL fruit.
Gender? don't know yet
Belly button in/out? In.  
What I miss: coffee and alcohol, hey just being honest =)
What I am looking forward to: August 11th. The big anatomy scan 
Milestones: Another week closer to meeting our little baby.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week 17

Just got back from the family vacation and brought back a great present....a COLD. grrr. I actually feel a ton better today than I did the last two days. Just stuffy and sleepy.

I didn't get a Week 16 normal picture but here's one from the trip.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Week 16!

Dr.'s appt went great. I think I feel the baby move around but can't be too sure.

Excited about spending the next week here.

Spending time with family and relaxing. 

Belly pic will be late this time around.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 15 stuff

Feeling pretty good. These growing pains are kicking my ass. Couldn't hardly move for the past two days but today is looking promising.

cravings: salt, salt and more salt. In particular McDonalds fries with sweet n sour sauce. I know, gross.

fun stuff: Only a month until we find out if we are having a little Gretel or Frederick

house stuff: Finally figured out the flooring. I physically can't install ceramic tiles like I did with the kitchen and living room. They are way too heavy and the process was REALLY grueling. SO an alternative is vinyl tiles. I basically have to pull the existing carpet out of the downstairs two bedrooms, clean the floors and then stick the tiles down like stamps.

Of course, not my first choice but with a baby on the way carpet is not an option. We'll have a lovely rug in the baby's room so it's still nice and soft.

In other news: looking very forward to our vacation on the lake.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend fun (Week 14)

Excited to finally be at the latest week that peeps say is the start of the second trimester. I've been pretty sore in my tummy lately not sure if it's from my expanding belly or if i'm moving too much. I have all my energy back now and am wanting to do all the little projects I had to put on hold for the past 3 months. 

A friend of ours was picked to host an ultimate budweiser backyard bar b q. It was fun. I had some yummy ginger ale of course. I never liked beer before I got pregnant so it wasn't bad being around it all. I made ambrosia and ate a bar b q chip sandwich. Someone brought preggo friendly hot dogs but I wasn't in the mood at the time for meat. 

Yesterday was the big hillsboro 4th of July parade. Being from New Orleans I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to parades. I know......i'm harsh. This one was fun though. Lots of candy was thrown so I was a happy camper. 

me at the 4th parade 
(even though I'm not HUGE yet, it's funny how uncomfortable sitting in one position is now a days)

Stone wall around the, now gone, fireplace. Making room for a new breakfast nook.

It took my husband a few hours what took me days to do. Now we just need to remove the bottom portion and tile the floors underneath it.