Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 26 day 5

Woo-hoo! The last two days have been fantastic. I've been able to move around pain free for the most part. My husband did all the yard work, which we're hoping is the last for the season.

The little boy has been moving around and is so big that he wakes me up all hours of the night with all his movements. I love it. I've been eating heartily and have been trying my best to stay away from too many sweets. My gestational diabetes test is in a little over a week so it's making me super nervous!

The weather is cooling down here, which also means rainy season. I don't know how often I'll be able to take my photo in front of our blue spruce tree. I was hoping the full series would be in front the tree but we'll see!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 25 day 6

Well we've made it to the official 100 day countdown!

This week has been good so far. I'm moving around a bit more. My modified bed rest is so much better than strict. Last night was the first night I felt him roll or stretch out. I've been feeling kicks and punches for weeks but this is a whole new ball game. 

In the middle of watching Total Recall I looked down b/c I felt something really weird. I could see a large mass pushing my belly outward about a half inch. I immediately told Rick to look and he saw it too. So that's a milestone...he's now big enough to scare me with his movements, ha. 

I am about 2 weeks from my 3rd trimester. Can't wait!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A GIANT thank you to my husband

Thanks for going above and beyond since I've been on bed rest. You are the best and our little baby thanks you so I can make sure he's stays safe. 

Modified bed rest

The doctors visit went well today. I will SLOWLY transition from strict bed rest to modified and then gradually make my way to being a fully functioning momma soon. We set a date for the baby shower and we are going to do it at my house in case bed rest comes back. I can't wait to bake the cake for the baby shower. I have worked with fondant previously so I think I'll try something neat-o.

Taking my weekly photo (by the tree again) tomorrow. Yay!

How far along?  24 weeks 5 days 
Total weight gain/loss?  about plus 14 lbs 
Maternity clothes?  Yes, dresses are most comfy.
Stretch marks? unfortunately I've entered the world of stretch marks. 
Sleep? yes, I get up every 2-3 hours still.
Best moment last week? Feeling Frederick move around a lot, and Rick being able to feel him.
Movement?  lots!
Food cravings?  pastries, fruits, mac n cheese, sierra mist
Gender? Boy!
Belly button in/out? In but looking closer to poking out. 
What I miss: not being on bed rest
What I am looking forward to: October 6, the start of my 3rd trimester
Milestones: Another week closer to meeting our little baby.

Friday, September 9, 2011

last weeks photo

I forgot to post my photo from last week. Mainly because I'm on bed rest and it's a crappy photo...but here it is!

Week 23

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm back with my irritable uterus.....

This past week has been a whirl wind of ups and downs. I'm 23 weeks 6 days today (woo-hoo).

This story will have too much information for warned.

So I was on my way to have lunch with a friend this Thursday when all of a sudden I started getting these sharp pains in my belly and could hardly breathe. We got to the restaurant and I thought maybe I just had to tinkle really bad. Sometimes if our little guy is resting on my bladder it can cause some major discomfort. So I went and that made the pains worse. I told my friend I had to leave immediately and called my Doctor who suggested I go straight to Labor and Delivery. I arrived (completely terrified) and they admitted me. After hooking me up to the machines and getting some samples (urine and blood) they discovered I was having frequent contractions (my heart stopped and the room spun). It is WAY too early for that. They told me the only way to make sure it wasn't TRUE labor was to give me a shot and check my cervix. It turns out they were braxton hicks contractions and my cervix was closed and elongated which is what it's supposed to be at this point.

They said they found white blood cells in my urine which is not uncommon during pregnancy but that they would do a culture and call with the results in a few days.....IN A FEW DAYS. Meanwhile they discharged me and told me to take it easy. I woke up in the middle of the night with more pains. Freaked out some more and called the Doctor in the morning. (It's now Friday). My Doc said to stay hydrated and to go back to L&D if I had any of the symptoms listed on my discharge papers. I took it east but by 3:00pm I was completely about to lose my cool. I called back and she said I should go to L&D to get monitored again and that maybe that would help diagnose me.

Friday evening we arrive at L&D and they do more monitoring and I get a fantastic Doctor this time ( not that the last wasn't but he did send me home clueless and still in pain). He said I had gastritis and a UTI so they put me on antibiotics and prilosec. I hate taking medicine while pregnant but I was in so much pain I could hardly think the risks of my infection getting worse compared to taking some meds that they assured me were safe for the baby.

He diagnosed me with an irritable uterus and put me on bed rest. It still is very uncomfortable to walk and I get the BH's if I'm up to fast or too long. I was assured that the baby is none the wiser to what's going on and that he's healthy and doing good.

I'll try to take my picture today since I'll have to get out of my PJ's to get to the Doctors office. I've had a perfect pregnancy thus far so I hope this is just a blip in the radar!

In happier news our little boy is moving like a little boxer these days. He's a busy busy bee.